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Subterranean is an online forum RP. Taking place in No Era, where time no longer ticks. The planet no longer spins, one side is illuminated by it's red sun and on the other site it's cloudy black murky world where the moon is shrouded by thick black cloud
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 Drainer (Read it plase Dobbs) I know its really long

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Drainer (Read it plase Dobbs) I know its really long Empty
PostSubject: Drainer (Read it plase Dobbs) I know its really long   Drainer (Read it plase Dobbs) I know its really long EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:47 pm

1. Too weird

I was terrified and clearly not afraid to admit it. I had to do something; anything would be a better description. Yet I had no idea what to do or how to go about doing it. I was hoping that I was wrong and over-reacting but none of that mattered. I needed to take action now.
It was Friday afternoon, and I was on my way home. I had taken the long route. It was a while before I realized I was being followed. I was probably just being paranoid –that was until I sped up and so did my trailer. I wasn’t afraid the park was half-filled with people and as an added bonus my bag was heavy today. I turned around to catch him staring at me a bit too intensely. Now fear crept in but was soon obliterated by my anger. “What the hell is he staring at,” I thought antagonistically. My eyes narrowed, had he nothing better to do with his time. It seemed not. I was about to return to my former position when I heard him mutter the words, “first use... unable to escape detection.” I was about to ask him what his issues were but he had already turned away walking in the opposite direction. I walked the rest of the way speculating on what was his problem. I mean really, he was in need of a life and a few other things as well, that I seriously think he was being deprived of. Probably some mental help…
I arrived home; glad I didn’t have to make any preparations for school. I took a bath and then went on line. It was a sort of custom between Rusona (my sister) and me. Every Monday, Friday and Saturday of the week we would talk to each other online. We’d started the tradition since she’d gone away. She was late as usual. I’d wait fifteen minutes before I called her I decided. By the while I decided to check my e-mail. That’s when it popped up. It was a photo of a young woman. The lady’s body looked a hell of a lot like Rusona’s. My eyes snapped to face like a loosed rubber band. It was blurred. I shrugged to myself a lot of bodies could look like Rusona’s. I shifted the mouse to close it when the image cleared. It was her….
Her faced startled me. It was just as I had remembered it but it was distorted with pain. I watched unable to get my eye’s to react to my brain’s orders to move. Then another box popped up but this one was different, some sort of voice box. A smooth calm voice flowed from the speakers on my PC. I jumped, a little shaken by the abrupt action. It wasn’t everyday that your pc spoke to you, but be sentimental listen to what it has to say. Yeah right. “You have something I want and trust that I’ll get it. Now listen” I noted that I had no idea what was going on here, but then again who would? The message continued, “As it turns out we both have something that each other wants,” the statement came to my ears and without even seeing the source I could tell that smugness was embryonic in his face. “What do you want?” I asked pondering my very own sanity. I knew I was losing it, I was talking to a computer, correction my computer this was insane although when it answered me I had to wonder if this was really possible, this was the 21st century and we were becoming more technology capable with each passing day. “You’ll find out soon enough, that is when you agree with our little arrangement.” He was way out of line, who was this, did I even know this guy? Answer or no answer no one had question and answer conversations with their pc and why was he was so sure of himself, the idiot. My eyes travelled to Rusona’s face and back to the voice box it was dawning on me that he might have something to do with that. “Did you do something to my sister?” I asked. “Hmm… brain working a bit slow today dear, I thought you had come to that conclusion already.” “It’s possible,” I answered coolly. First he came with his cryptic equations then he had the damned nerve to insult my intelligence. “Is that all you’ve got to say?” I asked putting as much boredom into those seven words, “I’ve got much better things to do with my time,” I finished derisively. I really needed to be checked out answer or not, getting angry at the likes of my pc, or the voice coming from it anyway. Once he had Rusona he knew I’d agree, well he was certain I wasn’t. “It depends on what it is you want from me.” “Well a lifetime in my services dear,” he uttered as if this were a clearly understandable concept he was explaining to an infant. I was not his dear. He could pay me one million dollars and I still wouldn’t work for him, cocky fool. The idea was so unbelievable I could have laughed, actually I did laugh and for a while too. “Me… working for you,” was all I could get out before I was racked by body shacking laughter once more. “Yes,” he answered, “or we could go for the alternative.” I went dead quiet he wasn’t joking But why should I believe him where was his proof, other than that picture he hadn’t shown me any and I’d be damned I wouldn’t do anything else until I got it. I opened my mouth to speak but the leisure of speech was lost to me. “Well now dear… we fully understand each other …,” he was saying as I cut in. “No we don’t, I have no proof that you really have my sister and if I can’t have that then there will be no compromise,” I stated. “Oh that,” he said, “Well all you need to do is call around,” he said continuing simply, “And if you find her the deal is off, he finished unperturbed “But be assured you won’t,” he assured lightly.
“Now… after you find out that your wrong and I’m right, you’ll have to make a decision in three days, if its yes we’ll know and then we can send someone to fetch you. I’d been demoted from an infant to a pet dog. No one was going to fetch me. I’d go myself or not at all. “I’ll get there on my own!” I stated vehemently, I reiterate who the hell did he think he was? My anger was surfacing. “Do you have any idea where you are going not to mention how to get there?” He asked amusement latent in his voice. “No, but I’m sure you’ll direct me,” I answered calmly. Then it hit me I was in agreement. It sounded as if I were really going to do this. No, I’d have to wait until I was fully in control of my mind and my actions. A map appeared on the screen, a red blinking dot probably representing the location on where I was to go. My eyes spontaneously snapped back to the computer screen, the dot was blinking in the region of America. “How do you expect me to get to America from the Caribbean?” I asked. This proposal was already extremely implausible but having the location somewhere inaccessible wasn’t helping either. See what I mean, look at what happens when you listen to your computer best to chuck it in the bin once these symptoms begin to occur.
“Gosh your cranky, how about wait and find out?” the voice asked hilarity stirring from its depths. “Just spit it out!” I said gritting my teeth. “Now watch this next dot its important,” as he said these words a green dot began blinking on the screen. I scrutinized it suspiciously; yes it was there in my small little island. As I looked at the map more closely there was one in every, state, country, continent you name it. These guys were very well connected. “So what do I do then, when I reach this place that is?” I asked. “Well after this you must dial in 1, 2, and 3 on the security machine and clap twice. Someone will transport you to the place on the map,” the voice answered. Small giggles began to emanate from my chest before my laughter filled the room. Tears were streaming down my face before I regained composure. “Don’t you villainous guys have more complicated codes,” I asked. “No,’ he answered, “See that’s what they always rush in looking for the hard code the unidentifiable one to crack… when there’s just this simple one. Trust me when I say…Simplicity keeps us all unfound.” I thought about what he said no idea why I was taking this all in from a talking computer. Passing that fact what he was saying made some semblance of sense I’d admit that. “Yes anyway,” I interrupted, “what do I do then?” “Oh you, you do nothing (he stressed) our transporter will take it from there.” I had no intention of ever finding out what a transporter was, today had been weird enough…and sadly it just wouldn’t end. I scrambled to take off the pc and think, I had the information I needed and I definitely wasn’t going to be polite to whoever this was. I closed everything I could, the voice box refused to close. Then I shut down the pc. I stared off into space for a while coaxing my brain into working. There were an abundance of choices to what the hell was going on here and I listed them mentally.
1) I was crazy
2) I was insane. Insane, crazy, insane, crazy, insane, crazy, insane, take your pick either one would work.
3) My sis was really kidnapped and being held by a nuts and crazy psychopath
4) I needed psychiatric help and was having intense hallucinations
5) I was in the wrong universe and everything was vastly changed
6) I missed my sister so much I was dreaming she that needed my help (this was unlikely I wasn’t the clingy type.)
7) Everything that was happening here was real (the most implausible choice of them all, but likely, I wasn’t losing my mind or at least I hoped not).
I stood up, none of this was helping I needed to take action now. I grabbed my cell phone, with a vehemence that was uncalled for. I dialed my sister’s no. and heard her voice mail. I tried at least three times with the same repetitive answer. I called my brother (I needed someone to calm me down by now); the phone rang until I got his voice mail too, I tried and tried but he wasn’t answering his phone. I trudged back and forth in the small space. I was too agitated to sit. What was my next move? Unfortunately I had no idea. Suddenly my cell vibrated in my sweaty hands, I had an incoming call. I answered it quickly, hoping that I could get the call over and done with. I needed to think. It was my dad, checking in on me. I debated whether to tell him everything but would he believe me, I didn’t believe me. I told him in rapid tones that I was worried about Rusona, she hadn’t come online and I wasn’t getting through to her phone. That was true enough, not the whole truth but hey he wouldn’t believe what I told him either way, he was too much of a practical person. He didn’t find it something to worry about but he would call her at school. I also told him that I was going over to Meto’s (my brother) house; I hadn’t seen him in a while. Not the real reason but it’d work. I finished off the conversation saying that I’d see him later and hung up. I changed hurriedly, found my keys and the one’s Meto gave me for his apartment and left swiftly.
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Drainer (Read it plase Dobbs) I know its really long
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