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Subterranean is an online forum RP. Taking place in No Era, where time no longer ticks. The planet no longer spins, one side is illuminated by it's red sun and on the other site it's cloudy black murky world where the moon is shrouded by thick black cloud
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 New RP Policy

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PostSubject: New RP Policy   New RP Policy EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 9:06 pm

I would like you to send me your RPs through PM so I can give you permission to post them up.
Of course you can ask the mods as well.

Mods I want you to know that what we do is never turn down an RP we try our hardest to encourage and help a member who may be struggling with their RP.

Members the reason this policy is placed is just in case you do need help with the RP I can tell you through a PM instead of embarrassingly in the thread you created. I will never turned down the RP. Never. I will just help with corrections and ask you some questions.

My formula for you to hand me:

Title of RP:

What the RP is about:

Extra information:
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New RP Policy
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