Subterranean is an online forum RP. Taking place in No Era, where time no longer ticks. The planet no longer spins, one side is illuminated by it's red sun and on the other site it's cloudy black murky world where the moon is shrouded by thick black cloud
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 Rules of RP

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PostSubject: Rules of RP   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:51 pm

Okay here are the rules you have to follow in the RP section:

1. No God Modding [this means not allowing another member have the ability to retaliate in any way]


Tom punches Jaggar. He beats Jaggar to a bloody pulp. Tom stares now at the unconscious Jaggar.

2. I require at least a paragraph in every reply[exceptions if you and someone else are interacting and you don't really have much to do]

3. What is said stays in the RP, they are just characters there is no need to go PMing each other and getting mad at each other

4. Have Fun

Some things that I will accept in only the RP section:

1. Cursing, As a writer I know that these words can be used by a character

2. Ruder behavior, not for the fun of it and only as a character...if this is part of your character personality then this is fine. If your character is a complete and total jerk face then I do accept this.
I will not however if your character is not or you are using it in some way to insult another through character personification.

Thank you

~Rem Nightfall
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Rules of RP
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