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 Guide to RPG

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PostSubject: Guide to RPG   Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:57 pm

Okay this is my RPG guide, cause the other one is not stellar at all. [No offense great work and effort you put into to it]

Game Guide of RPG

Table of Contents

Starting a Game

What is a RPG

What is a GM

What is God Modding

Elements of an RPG

[Update As Questions Come Up]

Starting a Game

I know I know, you're probably wondering why you need a section called starting a game. But remember there are some new people at this.
So your new at an RPG you want to start a game. There are actual two methods of doing this. Have an idea and don't know how to jot it down? Or have an idea and don't know who will like it or not?
Well the first one is if you have idea and can't jot it down, just brain storm a bit.
Talk to people about your RPG idea, likely you'll be able to create a clear cut history or summary just bouncing ideas off of people.
Have an idea don't know if people will like it, simple just post down your idea in a discussion thread such as this one and ask who is interested.
And for those who have an RPG and want to get it started it's as simple as clicking the New Topic button.

[I will update this section if questions arise.]

What's a RPG

An RPG stands for Role Playing Game. And in a sense your are taking on a role or part of game in, which everyone collaborates on a story created by a GM or Game Master. In this game you create a role as a character and play along the conditions giving to you by a GM.
Or in other cases you take on the role of the GM, and the GM himself/herself doesn't just have to be a character. The GM can take on the role of events that play along the story or conditions that surround the story.

[Section will be Updated]

What's a GM

Now you're all reading up there and thinking of what the heck is a GM. Don't have a heart attack have faith in me. A GM is a Game Master. Someone who created the Game and is in a sense Master of everything in that Game. The GM creates the plots, the story, and the events that surround your weary traveler or heroic warriors.
The GM also has power over the members as well, the GM should in my opinon actual just be called Game God.
Well I couldn't say that because the GM still has to follow the rules of no god modding, but they can kill members off when they want, they have say in everything that happens[well you at least have to get their permission before doing things.

[Update section if needs updates, as of now I see no updates needed, but people may tell me something else]

What is God Modding

Okay, up there you see me use the word God Mod. Now you think what is God Mod. And so I shall explain. God Mod or God modding is any illegal action taken by any ordinary member other then the GM.
Let's say we had this member named Kitty and she had a character in the RPG section named Mary. Well Kitty has been inactive on the forums for some time and let's say a member named Inu was a partner of Kitty. His character name is John. And John has been somewhat stagnant because Kitty has been inactive and has not moved the character.
Let's also say the GM has been inactive. Well one day Inu takes control of Mary and makes her follow his character. In a sense that is god modding, you didn't have clear permission from the person who owned Mary to move her.
Or another would be combat.
Let's just say Mary did a 1,000 combo on this person's character[username Mombo's character] Ellis. And she killed Ellis that is God Mod.
Because Kitty didn't have permission from Mombo to kill his character neither did she let Mumbo's character make a move.
The only person who is allowed to God Mod in a sense is the GM, but these would be movements of the plot I assume.

[I'll update section if pointed out something is missing]

Elements of a RPG

Its simple to note the elements of a RPG. A RPG like any good story has a plot, has history, has a setting, time, an atmosphere, etc.
Because in a sense an RPG is like a story, it should have a beginning and end. The only difference between a RPG and a story is that in most cases a story is written by one person where as a RPG is being created by other people as well as following guidelines from the original creator.

[Will be updated as things are mentioned to me]


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PostSubject: Re: Guide to RPG   Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:58 pm

RPG Guide

In this section I will be posting up how profiles work and other helpful tips on you getting started on an RPG.

Table of Contents

How to Write an Intriguing Storyline

Putting down a Good Plot


Writing Style

[Will be Updated as More Questions come along]

How to Write an Intriguing Storyline

Storyline is probably the most difficult thing when you are starting to write out for a RPG. You not only need to gain your own attention, but the attention of those adoring and waiting members as well.
The biggest thing you should focus on when it comes to storyline is if you know the story write it down. If you don't know what will attract people just ask yourself simply, what is that I like in a RPG?

[Section will be updated]

Putting Down a Good Plot

Plot is one of those biggest things. And it is one of the evilest things. How do you keep your players to play the game? All you have to remember is to know what works and what doesn't work.
There are two kinds of RPGs a planner someone who plans all the plots and where the storyline will go and someone who is a worker he is constantly adding ideas and doesn't have anything worked.
Out both ways of working is fine.
But if you are a planner there are times when your plot will crash.
And if you are a worker there will be times when your plot just doesn't quite fit.
As a planner we need to figure out how to keep ourselves from being discouraged as each plan for a plot point break downs. And there is a simple way with that. As a planner myself, sometimes I just rewrite a plot point and fit in where it fits in the story.
As a worker sometimes we may put down plots that are to early or to late in the game. They don't quite make the story flow or anything.
And there is a simple way to fix that as well and that is to ask yourself, Is this a good time? There needs to be a little balance in a planner as well as a worker. A worker needs a little bit of planner in him. And a planner needs a little bit of worker in him.

[Will update section as questions come along or someone tells me that isn't coherent]


Profiles are important to any RPG, they are the life blood of your character. They are what gives your character a mood, a story. This is what gives your character birth and life.
Now there are several ways to write down a profile the two main ways are:


You go down a list of applications set to you by the GM.
The List is the most used.

Quote :

Name: The Name of your character

Age: How old your character is

Height: How tall your character is

Weight: How much your character ways

Appearance: What your character looks like

Personality: How your character behaves

History: You characters background

History Reveals All

Not commonly used, but some people do use it often.
In history reveals all people use a character's history to reveal appearance personality and what not.

Quote :
Starts off with Name in the middle to announce the character
Carry Huffin

Then goes onto history
Carry Huffin stood a good 5' tall, she was beautiful. That is what many people called her. But her past made her sad. As a child she grew up in a suburban home

[Section will be updated if needed]

Writing Style

Writing style in RPG is keen. There are usually two ways people do this, like a short clip of a story or a general way. It's what gives life to the story and makes the story more attractive then blank pages.

Story Form

In story form, they assume you don't know what the room looks like, they give you details on what the room looks like. They give you detail of the actions and the feelings of the characters.

Quote :
John walked into the room that smelled of apples. His wife was making apple pie and he smiled as he walked into the kitchen. Her golden hair brightly reflected the sun that crept in through the window. He smiled as he walked over to the counter as fresh apple pies lay cooling.
"Don't dare touch them, they aren't done cooling," his wife would say in that voice that was attractive in it's very plain way.
John smiled, this was the happiest moment of his life.

General Form

In General Form they assume you know what the rooms look like, they assume you know what the character looks like. They assume you know he has a wife cooking in the kitchen. They also believe you to know that he is walking into the kitchen.

Quote :
*John walked into the room*
"The pie smells good," John said.
"Don't touch them they aren't done cooling," his wife said.
*John smiled and sat on the stool*

[Section will be updated when things pop up]

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Guide to RPG
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