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 Forum Rules[Important Read]

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Forum Rules[Important Read] Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules[Important Read]   Forum Rules[Important Read] EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 6:25 pm

Forum Rules, Read and Please Follow

I know rules are slightly boring and feel unnecessary.
And in most cases they aren't handled very well.
But these are my forum rules, I only ask of you these few things:

1. No cursing[exception Rant section] I hope we are all adults enough to express ourselves without colorful language.

2. No sexual images[exception need help with something on the lines of this] As and Admin I could get in big trouble for having sexual images on my site

3. No trolling, flaming, bashing[no exceptions] I don't tolerate this very much, I will give you a warning, but if you don't follow them you'll be banned, but of course before you get banned you have 2hrs to post in the Court House in the Dungeon section

4. Do not under any circumstance give out personal information such as cell number[no exceptions] Your safety is very important and I do not want you getting weird and random calls late at night.

And just for regulatory reasons please just remember:

Spam stays in the section I assigned for it

Have a problem with a member take it up to me or my staff

And please do have fun.

~Rem Nightfall
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Forum Rules[Important Read]
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